More and more show society organisers around Australia and the rest of the world are discovering our world leading sashes, ribbons and rosettes as the most preferred type of presentation article. Our newest customers are amazed by the value and standard being set by Stewart Gillman Internationale. Our rosettes, which incorporate both foil embossed lettering and state of the art digital colour graphics far outclass any other product currently being manufactured...

Sash & Ribbon articles are commonly misunderstood to be one and the same due to the misconception that once a Ribbon is fringed, it becomes a Sash. Stewart Gillman, a leading industry authority in this field, mentions this has never been the case. At Stewart Gillman Internationale, our extensive range of Sash & Ribbon articles are discernable more accurately by the following descriptions.

A Sash is a full length presentation article design. Joined together at both ends in the case of a person who is presented with one, it can be worn over the right shoulder on the winning competitor and drapes down to finish on the left hip to upper thigh. All Sashes are completed with a quality of fringe (otherwise known as tassels) appropriate for the type and style chosen by our clients. We have one of the largest and extensive range of Sash articles with the most unique design layouts to be marketed anywhere.

A Ribbon is a presentation article which, unlike a Sash, is not joined together at both ends. Small place Ribbons are usually unfringed, whilst other larger sized Ribbons are usually fringed, according to customer requirements. The suggestion that a Ribbon is fringed or not, makes no difference to it’s designation.

Below are images of different kinds of fringe, based on the style of Sash the customer wishes to order.

Economy Fringe:
-The fringe on this example is our popular economy looped fringe, manufactured in length beyond current industry standards with a properly toned golden shade.

Standard Fringe:
-This is our twisted fringe range, manufactured much longer than common industry standards and properly coloured to match our foil.

Deluxe Fringe:
-Our special long fringe is made available for your special top awards.