Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of our more frequently asked questions.

Q: How much notice do we need to give for an order
A: We require a minimum of four weeks notice to process your order.
Q: What Payment Methods do we offer
A: We accept Cash, Cheque or Direct Deposit payments.
All payments are to be made in Australian dollars.
Q: What are our Terms and Conditions
A: Once an order has been submitted, it is considered a sale and the customer is obligated to pay for services rendered.
All orders to be paid within 14 days from date of invoice.
Invoices can be sent via email in .pdf format for your convenience.
Late remittances over 30 days automatically incur an account keeping fee.

Q: What Details do I need to include in my Order
A: All orders are typed or hand written and checked by the client before sending.
Please Provide:
-Your Full Name and Address
-Club Name &/or Affiliation
-Date when your Event is to be Held
-Daytime Phone & Mobile Number
-E-mail Address
For each Sash, Ribbon or Rosette Article, or group of articles, we require a Ribbon & Foil colour.
If no details are provided, a ribbon colour and standard gold print will be chosen by our printers.
We require the event to be printed in full without ANY abbreviations and dated if desired.
Q: How do I place an Order
A: Ordering can be done via:
Web site: Order Request Form or Downloadable Order Forms (e-mailed or faxed)
Fax: +61 3 9357 8226
Phone: +61 3 9357 0497

Please note:
Phone orders are only taken with the proviso that; whilst all care is taken, no responsibility will be given for any form of verbal order.
Q: What Delivery do you offer
A: Customers have the choice of using:
-Australia Post
-Australia Post Yellow Express
-Couriers Please
-Pickup (Please call ahead)
-International Orders are Quoted at time of order, and cost will Depend on Size and Destination.
Standard delivery times for Australia Post apply.
Q: Can I trace my Order's delivery
A: Items can be traced on our Couriers' websites
-Australia Post -
-Couriers Please -
Q: Can I include our club logo
A: Our sashes can incorporate any logo either in embossed form or in our exclusively patented colour picture logo design. Our colour picture logo design can be incorporated onto your Sashes, Ribbons & Rosettes.
Should you wish to send us your logo or emblem, we prefer that a proper black and white copy be sent via e-mail (*.jpeg, *.bmp, *.tif or *.doc file formats), or in printed paper format. You can have this used as an embossed image on your ribbon. Alternatively, you can send us a colour logo if you would like this to be used on an integrated logo designed Sash or Rosette.
Q: What benefit does an integrated logo design provide
A: In recent years, Stewart Gillman Internationale have developed a patented system which has been incorporated into our printing. This design can be included in our Sash & Ribbon articles to allow our customers the extra flexibility of having their event dates printed (In the event their ribbon articles cannot be awarded on the day of their event). The customer has the security of having a date printed in the centre of our flexible framed design, and know that if the Sash or Ribbon cannot be used, we can issue them with a new date sticker to be used for a following event. This particular innovation is just one more reason why more clients are making Stewart Gillman Internationale, their first popular choice as their supplier.
Q: What colour ribbon may I order
A: Our extensive Colour Ribbon Chart covers a beautiful range to suit all of your requirements.
Q: What colour foil do you recommend
A: We usually suggest our standard gold or silver text be used as this can be employed on any colour or shade of ribbon.
If you would like to see other options, please review our extensive Colour Foil Chart.
Q: Is there a difference in foil cost if I use a colour other than Gold or Silver
A: Generally we do not charge extra for our colours, with the exception of lower range Ribbon & Sash articles or inclusion of our Holographic Range (Gold Reflector, Silver Reflector, Red Reflector, Stary Night, Blue Sparkle, Red Sparkle, Purple Laser, Green Laser, Rainbow & Jelly Bean).
For most lower range Ribbon & Sash articles, we charge $1.00 extra.
Please call us to confirm overall pricing.
Q: Do you have a range of Rosettes
A: Along with our beautiful Knife Pleated Rosettes, we have developed a new range of Box Pleated Rosettes using a new application system that we have developed. Our range of Rosettes are becoming increasingly more popular due to the information we can print in the centre badge.
Our clients can choose to have Foil printed centres or Full Colour Photo Realistic centres. Our design layouts for these rosette centres are created with extremely high “X-Factor”. Please contact us for more information.
Q: Can we have Braid incorporated onto our Sash & Ribbon articles
A: Of course you can just tell us what your requirements are. Our Standard and Deluxe articles include braided fringe as default.
This feature sets these two types of articles apart from the economy sashes to allow the top prizes to stand out.
Braid can also be added to the top and bottom of our ribbon articles in some of our higher end articles.
Q: Website Copyright Notice
A: The copyright to all article items on the Stewart Gillman Internationale website are owned by Stewart Gillman Internationale Pty. Ltd. Reproduction of any article, in any form, without written permission constitutes an infringement of Copyright and will be vigorously pursued under Australian and International Law.

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