Company Profile
Stewart Gillman comes from a very old business family background, when his grandfather came out from England and started our first family business in 1919 in Melbourne. Growing up with this business provided Stewart with a thorough knowledge of staff management, flexible ideas and an efficient delivery policy.

From this environment Stewart served a five year apprenticeship winning several graphic art awards topped with a state award of an honourable mention for craftsmanship he was then able to then start up his own small business from a very early age in his father’s garage.
“Gold stamping is a comparatively recent type of print medium with foils of various qualities & gradients being only perfected in the early to mid 1930's. However not until early 1971 was any real cost effective breakthrough attained with product when our company invented specialized press equipment & type handling to overcome old fashioned procedures. Since then our company has been active in design & layout whilst registering a new invention of integrated colour printed logo production. For the first time digital colour laser graphics have been combined with our gold stamping technology to transform our sashes into a totally new and fashionable presentation trophy. When you receive your new sash and ribbon articles you may expect to be thoroughly excited with our delightful and specialized approach to your presentation requirements.”- Stewart Gillman

Our Mission

At Stewart Gillman Internationale Pty. Ltd. our Company is dedicated to serving the presentation market with first class sashes, ribbons & rosettes using only the finest in all aspects of design and materials. Our Business caters for any type of event including: Agricultural, All Breeds, Sporting, Corporate Events, Debutante Balls, Hens Nights, Graduation and other Special Occasions. Our activities are divided into two major departments. The first, process artisan type mass production work, and secondly true fine art oil and water colour sports centre and pencil design. These departments distinguish Stewart Gillman Internationale from any other current company in operation.

During the last three years, our business has undergone an extensive re-tooling program which included our gold embossing machines. Our machines are now upgraded beyond the industry standards which still rely heavily on block and dove tail type fonts which restrict design flexibility. Our machines now perform far more efficiently allowing our customers far greater economic benefits. As a result, our ribbons are now manufactured without detrimental size decreases in length. Along with our generous trading terms, our customers also enjoy our exclusively unique design layouts and artwork. We have a beautiful range of ribbon colours and printing foils to suit your needs.

“It’s time we had a “campaign” to bring back decent sashes to improve presentation ceremonies for all breed kennel clubs! It is not necessary to carry on with short ribbons with tiny fringe when a full sized generous product with proper fringe is available from SGI's 36 inch sash, at approximately the same price you are currently paying for something smaller.”

Please feel free to contact us either by phone, fax or e-mail us using our online inquiry form. We look forward to hearing from you. - Stewart Gillman
Garryowen Photo compliments of Julie Wilson