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Welcome to our website

*** We will be taking a two week break from our business from 4th September and back on the 18th September ***

Customers will need to have any orders placed by the 21st August to receive prior to our leave.

You are welcome to email any orders in this time but knowing they won't be received until the end of September.

Stewart and I thank you for your continued support and knowing what a difficult 9 months this has been for us since our Campbellfield factory fire and resultant upheaval in our lives.

Why has Stewart Gillman Internationale become one of the largest world wide suppliers of Sashes, Ribbons, Rosettes and satin ribbon articles?

Our business has been in constant stages of research and development for the last 40 years. Our gold embossing machines are some of the most advanced in the trade and far surpass ALL other forms of ribbon printing. We also offer generous trading terms.

When our customers receive their presentation ribbons & sash articles, they have the warm feeling of reassurance that their club or event has the best ribbon awards in existence for their competitors to win!

Our sash & ribbon articles are the only ones printed using industry leading font types and layouts and are finished exquisitely with the best satin, fringe and braid available. Our art and graphics department have been trained and developed steadily to become the foremost leading authorities in their field; to deliver world industry leading colour and foil graphic designs for our ribbons and rosettes.

So experienced is our team that our customers need only give us the wording on any article they want and we deliver an outstanding layout!


We have everything at Gillman's to completely satisfy your needs at amazingly competitive prices